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Golden Leaf Energy Enters Drilling Lubricant Market with LA-7000®, a Bio-Based
Lubricant Developed for Water Based Muds.
LA-7000®, a high performance bio-based lubricant

New Orleans, LA. - April 14, 2015 – Golden Leaf Energy, Inc. today announced the worldwide release of LA-7000, a bio-based lubricant developed for HPWBM's.

LA-7000 is a bio-based lubricant designed to reduce the coefficient of friction (CoF) in high performance water based muds (HPWBM). As high-angle, extended reach wells continue to increase, rotational torque and drag have become critical challenges for water-based muds. LA 7000 raises the bar for WBMs CoF to those only achievable in oil-based muds. LA 7000 out per forms industry standard offerings in friction reduction between the drill pipe and casing and between the drill-pipe and the wellbore. LA 7000 has no hydro carbons, is non-toxic, ultimately biodegradable and is stable at high temperatures.

Superior Performance

LA-7000® has industry leading performance, constantly achieving torque reduction in numbers over 80%.

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Golden Leaf Energy, Inc. is an innovative renewable energy company that manufactures bio-based lubricants and oleochemicals. Golden Leaf Energy, Inc. operates a biorefinery in southeast Louisiana.

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